A collection of handmade embroidered patches and patch sets, inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Every patch is handmade in my Brighton home studio.
44 results
Hello Sunshine Embroidered Patch
Personalised Explorer Patch Set
Personalised Birthday Patch set
Personalised Adventure Patch Set
'Wild and Free' Embroidered Patch
Personalised cat Name patch
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Bird
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Rainbow
Retro embroidered name patch
Personalised Rainbow Name patch
Girls are Strong Embroidered Patch
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Unicorn
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Lion
Adventure Merit Patch Set
Personalised Embroidered Patch -  Standing Fox
Embroidered Birthday Patch
Persoanalised Birthday Patch set
Personalised Patch Set - Rainbows and Unicorns
Personalised woodland Patch Set
'seek Adventure' Embroidered Patch
Embroidered Explorer Patch
Personalised Camping Party Patch
Custom Varsity Patch - Heart
Embroidered Wild Patch set
Personalised explorer Patch set
Rainbows Personalised Patch Set
Personalised Unicorn Patch
Wild Explorers Club Patch
Sleep under the Stars Embroidered Patch
In To The Wild Embroidered Patch
Embroidered Explorer Patch set
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Butterfly
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Shooting Star
Personalised Camping Patch Set
Personalised Embroidered Patch - Raccoon
Embroidered Adventure Merit Patches
44 results
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